Through My Eyes

“The mind sees the world as a thing apart, And the soul makes the world at one with itself.” – Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology

I will never forget my first afternoon in London; my sister’s impatience as I stopped for the umpteenth time trying to take in everything. I wanted to examine the details of each building I passed, touch them, memorize them. I could not help being impressed by the care and attention each marble carving had been given. I barely noticed the bustle of this major city as I got completely lost in the architecture.

Growing up in a small island town in Kenya, the differences in the places were astounding. Being used to slightly run down, simple buildings, blackened with age, and untouched beaches, I felt like I was in a completely different world. Up to that point, my art was mostly socio-political, inspired by the unrest and violence at that time in Kenya.

Moving to England, I began to experience a different way of life and my influences changed. I began to understand the inspiration behind famous writers and artists that come from living in and visiting beautiful places. More than anything, I wanted to feel connected to these places, so I started to draw them. I would spend hours on the streets of various cities in Europe just drawing, trying to capture some small portion of their vast beauty.

I think everyone like to feel a sense of belonging, wherever they are. In recent years, mine comes from using my art to appreciate the people and their efforts to create beauty in the world.


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