30 Days of Texas: A Catch Phrase

Lately, I’ve been using the TV show, Psych, for background noise as I work. Psych has been my favourite show for years and I have watched all the seasons countless times.  So by the time this little painting came around, I literally could not think of a catch phrase apart from ‘suck it’, inspiring this […]

30 Days of Texas: Vineyard

I had always imagined the whole of Texas to be dry and desert-like, which I suppose was a bit ignorant of me, so imagine my disbelief when I found out that Texas has over 350 registered wineries! Apparently, it is a general misconception that grapes need cooler and dryer air to grow because they have […]

30 Days of Texas: Food/Drink

One of my favourite things about visiting a new place is trying out the local cuisine. On my first night in Texas I tried the Texan beer, Lone Star. I have never seen light beer in any country other than the United States, and to my surprise, I actually like it. I prefer lagers over […]

30 Days of Texas: A Vehicle

I have never particularly liked pick-up trucks, but being in Texas, I expected to see a lot of them and I was not disappointed! Every time I see one, I get excited, and want to punch my boyfriend’s arm and yell ‘truck’. (We call them pick-ups in England). And I got to ride in one […]

30 Days of Texas: An Item of Clothing

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe For me, the right shoes have always been boots. They’re sturdy, snug and make me feel strong. The craftsmanship of a fashionable pair of cowgirl boots is a work of art in itself, with elaborate embroidery, cut outs and even […]

30 Days of Texas: An Animal

We spent most of my second day in Texas planning and shopping for my stay here. In the evening, we headed to Northgate, the area with all the bars. I love how different it is from Europe. Most of the bars in Bath are tiny or underground. Here, they’re massive and all have a wide […]

30 Days of Texas: Travel Themed

I did not get to see much of Texas on my first day here. After 21 hours of travel, I reached Bryan-College Station at 6:30 in the evening. I spent most of my journey people watching. I always enjoy making up little stories about my fellow travellers using only their clothes and luggage for inspiration. […]

30 Days of Texas

When I was younger, I loved new experiences. Moving cities on my own never fazed me. I always looked forward, never backwards. In the last few years, I have found it more challenging to move and become more cautious. I think it comes from knowing what I like and how I like things done. I […]