30 Days of Texas

When I was younger, I loved new experiences. Moving cities on my own never fazed me. I always looked forward, never backwards. In the last few years, I have found it more challenging to move and become more cautious. I think it comes from knowing what I like and how I like things done. I guess I could say I am becoming more set in my ways. Saying that, I always surprise myself at how quickly I can adjust when I do make a change. It’s only the second day of my five week trip to Texas, and I am loving everything about it, from the sunshine and humid heat to the very friendly people. And I can’t get over how big everything is and how much space there is everywhere!

I am spending the next five weeks in Bryan-College Station, a metropolitan area in the heart of the Brazos Valley (south-east central Texas), which has a population of just 190,000. I am looking forward to experiencing everything Texan, and in honour of that, I have set myself a Texan themed painting challenge, spanning 30 days, where I paint a small painting every day.

30 Days of Texas Painting Challenge


Each small painting is 14.9 cm x 21.0 cm, and is painted on acid-free acrylic paper. All of them will be for sale, unframed. Check out my next post for the first small painting!

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