30 Days of Texas: A Comic Strip

When you reach a certain age, there seems to be this overnight pressure to be in a relationship. I think, as women, we have gotten more independent over the generations, which makes us a lot less likely to settle for someone as we do not need them financially. But, for every woman who is independent enough to wait for someone that is right for her, there seems to be one that settles, which leads to a horde of unforeseen problems, in itself.

A lot of the time, women do not want to leave bad relationships, for the fear of being alone, so they put up with terrible behaviour. I have noticed that men do not seem to have the same pressures, and they do not become “undesirable” after a certain age.

This little painting is to encourage women to leave unhealthy relationships and ignore the stigma of being alone, until they find someone who treats them well.



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