30 Days of Texas: Free Choice

“According to an old Aggie legend, if two lovers pass beneath the tree’s large, vine-like branches, they are destined to be wed. Similarly, if a couple becomes engaged under the Century’s picturesque leaves, the marriage will last forever.” – The Battalion, April 29, 2008

I remember complaining about not having seen any inspiring fauna on my nature inspired post, but that was before I saw The Century Tree, which is situated in the heart of the TAMU campus. Some girls asked me if I could paint it, and I went in search of this magnificent tree. It is absolutely breath-taking, even if you do not believe in the old Aggie legend.

In 2011, The Century Tree was named an “official Famous Tree of Texas by the Texas Forest Service, an honour given to an elite group of trees that have witnessed exciting times in Texas frontier history.”*




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