Gingerbread Project 2016: Tower Bridge

I have to say, doing something even just once before, makes it a whole lot easier to do a second time. This year, I decided to be overly ambitious (I can’t help it!) and planned to construct a famous London attraction out of gingerbread. I have been drawing London’s famous landmarks for about two months […]

Gingerbread House 2015

Last year, I started a few new traditions, one of which was building a Gingerbread House (or any type of gingerbread construction project) every Christmas. This turned out to be challenging on so many different levels. I had never baked gingerbread before, never made royal icing before, and had never even decorated a pre-made Gingerbread […]

Eat. Art. Sleep. Repeat.

Lately, I can’t help wishing I had an art studio. I spent two years setting up my studio in Bath, accumulating art materials, painting walls, building storage, only for the flat above to spring a massive leak in the bathroom, all of which came gushing down into my studio, ruining all my paper, unfinished art […]