Women Who Draw

I am very proud to be listed on the Women Who Draw website, an open directory of female illustrators, with emphasis on women of colour, LBTQ+ and other female minorities.

The current political climate seems to have drudged up the very worst of human nature, and brought racism, sexism and xenophobia (among other things) to the surface. The recent American Presidential Election seems to have validated the people with the least humanitarian views, and given them power to reverse all the strides that have been made over the years to promote equality.

That being said, I cannot help but feel that the best of human nature has also been exposed. For every racist, sexist xenophobe out there, there is someone working to give minorities a voice, to change laws affecting the LBTQ+ community, and to inspire women to stand up for themselves and stand together.

The Women Who Draw website aims to make minorities more visible, and from the sheer number of people on the directory, one can see how many of us there are out there.

Read more about the Women Who Draw in this fantastic article on the BBC News website here, or visit http://www.womenwhodraw.com/.


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