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It has been over a month since I’ve written on this space and so much has happened in that time, I almost don’t know where to begin. I’d love to say I haven’t been writing because I’ve been travelling or doing something fabulous, but honestly, I just couldn’t get myself to write. I have been staring at a blank screen knowing exactly what I want to say but being unable to form coherent sentences. I remember, years ago, only being able to paint when the mood struck, but I managed to overcome that. I can generally paint on demand now, and in fact, miss it even if I do not do it for a day. I don’t have anywhere near that sort of discipline when it comes to writing, and I am definitely going to have to find a way of working on it.

So let me catch you up on what has been happening in the last few months, with work. April to July is always an incredibly busy time with a lot more art exhibitions crammed into this period than any other time of the year. This is a run down of my last few exhibitions, and how they went.


Photo by Collect Connect, 2017, The Art of Caring Exhibition

Where: St. George’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom

When: May 3 – May 12, 2017

What: The Art of Caring was an inclusive exhibition held by Collect Connect in the Atkinson Morley Wing of St. George’s Hospital in London. It comprised of more than 330 postcard artworks and haiku pill bottles, and it centred on the theme of ‘Care, Caring and Sustainability’, which was inspired by the theme for International Nurses Day 2017.

The exhibition is along a busy corridor, which is used by patients. One of the visitors, Jill Partridge, said, “I’ve been prodded and poked today, the staff have been wonderful but I’ve been to so many appointments and tests, it feels like I’m on a conveyor belt. How nice to have a moment to breathe. I like seeing the art, it helps me remember what is important to me.” (Low, A, 2017)

It is always nice to be a part of something that helps people in some way, however small.


Photo by Lori McBride, 2017, Las Laguna Gallery

Where: Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, USA

When: April 6 – April 29, 2017

What: Sketchbook West was an exhibition held by Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, California, a seaside resort city, which refers to itself as an ‘art colony’, with more than 100 art galleries and artist studios.

The exhibition comprised of 3 x 5.5” sketchbooks, created by dozens of artists from around the world, which were available to be perused (with cotton gloves) during the course of the exhibition. The exhibition provided a unique experience, allowing people to peak behind the curtain and see the process of creating artwork. After all, every great piece of artwork started in a sketchbook somewhere.

For this exhibition, I submitted my London sketchbook, a book I filled over the course of two months, after moving to London, with little sketches of the city as I was getting to know it. I heard, later, from the gallery owner, that an elderly couple had really enjoyed going through my sketchbook as it brought back memories of their trip to London when they were newly-weds.

View my London sketchbook here.


Where: Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath, United Kingdom

When: May 26 – June 11, 2017

What: Fringe Arts Bath is a Visual Arts Festival, held annually in the historic World Heritage City of Bath. The festival celebrates contemporary art, with emphasis on early career artists and curators, and those that work outside the gallery based art scene. FaB Festival occupies alternate exhibition spaces from empty shops to street corners.

The exhibition was called Other People Have A Nationality, and the specific installation within the exhibition that I was a part of was a series of 3 minute videos, each created by different people, played on a loop, in response to the question ‘What is home?’


In other exciting news, I am honoured to announce that my painting, Autumn Song, was published in the April issue of ArtAscent Art and Literature Journal. The magazine is a juried collection of art and literature with each issue having a different theme. The theme of the April issue was ‘Bliss’, and was intended to be a feel-good issue, in the midst of these politically unpredictable and troubling times.

Photo by Kajal Shah


And, finally, I just found out that my painting, Pyrethrum, currently being exhibited at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York, sold within the first few days of the exhibition. 6X6x2017 is an exhibition of over 5,000 pieces of artwork all of which are 6 x 6”. It is always nice to know that my work can stand out within 5,000+ other pieces and I hope the buyer is happy with it.

And that is all for now. More updates will follow at the end of the week!

Stay motivated!



Low, A. (2017, May 4). The Art of Caring opens at St George’s Hospital. Retrieved from

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